Business Line of Credit

With an instant business line of credit from Extreme Funding Systems, your business can access funds immediately with minimal paperwork. No pre-payment penalties, and only pay for the loan amount used. Expand business with our fast business line of credit today

$10,000 to $250,000

Pay only for funds used

All 50 states

Monthly Payments

On-line application

Minimal Paperwork

24 Hour Approval

Any Industry

What is a Business line of Credit?

A business line of credit (LOC) is a flexible revolving loan, in which a lender, usually a bank or a private lender, and a borrower, agree to a maximum amount of capital that the borrower can withdraw at any time. The borrower has these funds at his or her disposal, as long as he or she doesn’t exceed the maximum amount established in the agreement and makes payments on time.

The balance in a line of credit is revolving, meaning that the borrowers can use the funds, repay, and then spend again in a revolving cycle. In this way, lines of credit are very similar to business credit cards.

Business owners will typically use a line of credit to remodel or expand their store/offices, buy new tools or equipment, meet payroll, purchase inventory, launch a marketing campaign, or cover any unexpected expenses.

An essential advantage of Extreme Funding System`s line of credit for business owners is that it provides more flexibility than a regular business loan.

After reviewing the revenue of your business, we issue an approval within 24 hours.

Easy Application

Decision in Minutes

Receive an Offer

Select Your Loan

Accept Your Loan

Only Pay for Funds Used

How business lines of credit works

A business line of credit vs. term loans

Unsecured and secured lines of credit

How do you get a line of credit for a business?

If you apply for a line of credit with a traditional bank, you’ll have to fill out extensive paperwork to prove that you have steady cash flow and a reliable credit score. Even after submitting all the paperwork, there is no guarantee that your loan will be approved.

Online lenders, on the other hand, have looser qualifications than banks.

With an online lender like Extreme Funding Systems, the approval process is quick and easy. For instance, if you want to obtain an unsecured line of credit with us, all you need is at least 1 year in business and $10,000 in monthly revenue. After reviewing your business’ revenue, within 24 hours or less, we will let you know if you’ve been approved. We will also inform you of your rates and loan terms.

If you qualify for a line of credit but don’t need to draw any funds yet, don’t worry. You’ll only pay interest on the money you withdraw. If you don’t use any funds, you won’t pay anything back.


  Time in Business = 1 Year Minimum

  Monthly Revenue = $20,000 Average

  Business Bank Account = Min. $500 Avg. Daily Balance

  Overdrafts  = Less than 5 negative days per months

  Credit Score = 640

Application Process

 Provide basic business information

 We review your business revenue

 Your business is approved

 Funds are deposited into your account